Theyr optimisation software added to DARPA unmanned ship project

Maritime software firm Theyr has announced a new agreement with Marine AI, a subsidiary of Submergence Group (SubGroup), which will see Theyr’s T-VOS voyage optimisation engine integrated into Submergence’s technology platform for the No Manning Required Ship (NOMARS) US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) programme.

NOMARS aims to develop a new generation of medium unmanned surface vessels for maritime operations.

“After substantial benchmarking with existing solutions, Submergence recognised the benefits of the T-VOS optimisation engine,” said Don Scott, Technical Lead at Subgroup/Marine AI.

“The innovative solution Theyr offers to the maritime industry combines the traditional practice of good ship operating and the impressive power of the T-VOS Optimisation Engine. This supports our quest to improve the operational efficiency of Marine AI.”

T-VOS has been developed in partnership with Southampton University and the Alan Turing Institute in the UK, utilising a multi-objective genetic algorithm that optimises voyages simultaneously for safety, weather, time, fuel and carbon footprint, allowing optimal routes and voyages to be created.

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