Fratelli d’Amico Armatori implements digital remote support system

Fratelli d’Amico Armatori has completed the implementation of a digital remote troubleshooting system in conjunction with Marlink Group company Telemar, as part of a long-term maintenance agreement between the companies.

The system has so far been put to use to support remote installation and configuration of an autopilot, remote configuration of an X-band radar, and to solve an interface issue between the AIS, radar and ECDIS while underway.

The remote service was also used to address another radar issue, where full diagnostics were performed during navigation and repairs finalised at the vessel’s first port of call.

“We work in a highly demanding sector where we cannot afford to stop a ship while waiting for a service or a spare part which may not completely solve the problem,” said Matthias Guarino, Marine Department, Fratelli d’Amico Armatori.

“Telemar’s digital approach to troubleshooting and repair has shown us that it can solve many common problems remotely, keeping the ship operational and at the same time reducing costs.”

Telemar’s remote support offering covers shipboard communications and navigation systems, while clients of its BridgeLink product can receive an improved service the allows Telemar field service engineers to have remote access to run diagnostics and repairs on bridge equipment.

“Telemar has seen interest in our remote access services grow through the COVID period and afterwards as we focused on providing a new depth of managed services that can support the digital transformation,” said Mike Bauwens, CEO, Telemar Group.

“As the evolution of the technology present onboard allows greater interaction between the ship and the shore, we have deployed more dedicated staff resources and processes to assist our customers with remote solutions.”

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