California container ports sign data sharing partnership

Five California container ports have signed a deal to launch the California Port Data Partnership, to jointly advance cloud-based data interoperability with the common goal of supporting improved efficiency in the supply chain.

The agreement has been backed by the Port of Hueneme, the Port of Long Beach, the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of Oakland, and the Port of San Diego, alongside state and federal partners in the US.

“Sharing vital shipping data will reduce delays and aid the entire goods movement industry from the docks to doorsteps,” said Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero.

“By working together, California’s ports can enable end-to-end visibility and connectivity across the supply chain.”

The partnership will be backed by $27 million in grant funds from the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) for port data system development, part of a multi-billion-dollar state investment in California’s goods movement and supply chain sectors.

“The MOU is a first-of-its-kind agreement on data system development among containerised ports and outlines eleven areas of cooperation, ranging from developing data definitions to ensuring equitable access to data for users,” said GO-Biz Director Dee Dee Myers.

“This MOU and the funds that follow will build the basis for greater cooperation and standardisation when it comes to data in our supply chain. I want to thank all of our partners across the supply chain as well as our ports for their leadership in this effort.”

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