Everstream Analytics buys BlueNode

Supply chain software firm Everstream Analytics has announced the acquisition of BlueNode, a technology company focused on automating data quality management in intermodal logistic data using AI.

BlueNode’s AI-powered cleansing and integration engine is used to accurately align data collected with the flow of goods in the supply chain to support improved decision making. With the acquisition, Everstream aims to extend these insights to include the ability to make strategic decisions on maritime carbon mitigation.

BlueNode’s application will be used to assist users to measure a carbon emission baseline and conduct continuous monitoring and analytics on sustainable operations within trade corridors, improving Everstream’s ability to offer vessel performance and analytics, port call optimisation, and cargo visibility services. 

“We’re committed to helping companies run the most efficient, resilient supply chains in the world, while making meaningful progress on their sustainability targets,” said Julie Gerdeman, CEO of Everstream.

“As the only provider offering true end-to-end visibility and risk management across planning, procurement, and logistics, we help companies build lasting supply chain sustainability. Shipment visibility is key to understanding critical relationships and the flow of goods around the world.”

Everstream recently raised $50 million through a series B funding round led by Morgan Stanley’s 1GT platform to reduce carbon emissions, with the BlueNode the first acquisition since the funding closed.

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