PSA BDP launches risk monitoring service

PSA BDP, a company incorporating BDP and PSA Cargo Solutions formed after PSA’s acquisition of BDP in April 2022, has announced the launch of a new digital product designed to provide shippers and consignees with proactive risk monitoring services.

The new Risk Monitor is an add-on feature to Smart Navigator, a supply chain visibility platform, allowing customers to evaluate the impact of more than 50 common supply chain disruptions before they occur – both naturally occurring (inclement weather, pandemics, earthquakes) and man-made (strikes, geo-political tensions) – allowing for proactive planning and mitigation.

The software can aggregate data sources and map risks that are verifiably substantiated or predicted by PSA BDP to a company’s specific circumstances. Data types that are monitored include weather events, port congestion, vessel events, geo-political events, and security compromises or breaches.

Assets such as shipments, containers, production plants, and suppliers are also cross-checked by the risk model to identify factors that are likely to affect users’ supply chains.  

The system provides alerts that warn of any impending or prospective disruptions, with real-time tracking of the location and shipping status of goods and cargo en route from its origin to its final destination.

“Through our conversations with customers, we know that they are seeking more opportunities for better control and enhanced visibility in their supply chains,” said Ghim Siew Ho, CEO of Products, PSA BDP.

“To support their needs, PSA BDP is focused on developing digital applications that provide real-time, streamlined, and comprehensive data so that our customers can enjoy better visibility and achieve a more resilient, agile, and sustainable supply chain. Risk Monitor will augment our suite of services available on Smart Navigator, such as enhanced visibility, predictive ETA, and alerts and exception management.”

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