HD Hyundai cyber resilience tech granted KR approval

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HD HHI) and HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE) have been awarded a new AIP (Approval in Principle) by the Korean Register (KR) for their development of ship cyber resilience technologies.

The approval has been granted in line with the requirements of ‘Technical Procedures and Methodology for Implementation of Ship Cyber Resilience (IACS UR E26)’, introduced in April 2022 to establish unified requirements for cyber resilience in ships. These requirements become mandatory for vessels contracted for construction from January 2024.

Since September of last year, KR and HD Hyundai have worked together on a joint research and development project aimed at validating the cyber resilience of ship systems and related equipment, in anticipation of the adoption of the new rules.

The cyber resilience network created by HD HHI and HD KSOE establishes a vessel response system, underpinned by technical procedures and methodologies within a cyber risk management framework. KR says it has now verified the feasibility, safety, and suitability of the cyber resilience concept design, resulting in the granting of the AIP.        

“It is crucial for autonomous ships and smart ships to secure cyber security. I believe that HD Hyundai has proven its advanced technology by receiving the design certification based on the IACS unified requirements for the first time in the world as a shipyard,” said Kwon Byounghun, Executive Vice President and Head of Digital Research Lab at HD KSOE.

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