Marlink cyber services updated with endpoint security

Following on from the introduction of NORMA Cyber services to its maritime portfolio last month, Marlink has announced the addition of a further upgrade to its cyber security range through the integration of Endpoint Security support.

CyberGuard EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) has been developed specifically for satellite communication environments, operating in a Master/Client architecture to allow for automated distribution of signature updates locally to all connected clients, even when they do not have an internet connection.

The system can find and neutralise malware on computers onboard using signature and behaviour-based malware detection powered by AI algorithms. Suspicious devices can be put in quarantine to safeguard other computers in the local network, limiting the potential consequences of a cyber incident.

Vessel operators can also use CyberGuard EDR to implement corporate IT policies for all business devices onboard the ship, with a USB device management module that can be configured to force a scan upon connection or restrict USB device usage.

“This latest addition to Marlink’s CyberGuard portfolio is a vital tool to help vessel operators secure the shipboard element of their networks, protecting their systems and their people,” said Nicolas Furgé, President Digital, Marlink.

“CyberGuard EDR enables vessel operators to protect their onboard computers from zero-day cyber security threats thanks to a next-generation endpoint security solution which is compatible with any kind of maritime communication channel, including those outside the Marlink Teleports such as 5G and new LEO services.”

CyberGuard EDR will succeed Marlink’s SkyFile Anti Virus, which will be retired on 1 July 2023.

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