Sedna announces ZeroNorth partnership

Maritime technology companies ZeroNorth and Sedna have announced a new partnership, collaborating together to integrate data contained within company emails into analytics processes.

Sedna’s system aims to identify and extract important information contained within the large number of emails typically received by shipping professionals. ZeroNorth’s platform is used to turn operational data into actionable insights, interpreting not only vessel data but also information about operational conditions at sea, to provide voyage, vessel, fuel and bunker optimisations.

“For effective chartering and voyage operation, the maritime industry has to action an incredible amount of fast-moving data on a daily basis,” said Bill Dobie, Founder and CEO at Sedna.

“Digital tools, like ZeroNorth’s platform, provide the necessary means to immediately get key information – such as vessel characteristics, position and fuel consumption predictions – to those on-shore to enhance commercial success and decision-making through faster fixing, proactive operations and reduced carbon costs.”

“Over the following months, we’ll together explore how we can best harness AI and, with ZeroNorth’s admirable commitment to create a positive environmental impact, address how we can rise to the challenge of building a greener, digital future for shipping.”

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