Marlink to improve network flexibility with ST Engineering iDirect upgrade

Satcom service provider Marlink has upgraded its connectivity infrastructure to incorporate the latest Dialog 2.5.1 release from ST Engineering iDirect, which combines the throughput from high resolution coding (HRC) and scaling from MRC, two former versions of Dialog’s waveform Mx-DMA, into a single return technology.

The new system is expected to improve service agility for Marlink in managing connectivity across different markets, sectors and applications, offering a single operating system for the company’s maritime, enterprise and energy customers and supporting a common approach for link budgeting, frequency plans and configuration.

The improved equipment should also offer performance gains, with Mx-DMA MRC able to achieve a new maximum symbol rate of 100 Msps on the MDM5010 modem, resulting in up to 300 Mbps of throughput on the return link alone. With a DVB-S2X forward, users of that system can anticipate more than 1 Gbps aggregated throughput.

MDM3315 users with mid-range data requirements will benefit from a new maximum symbol rate increase to 40 Msps, helping to increase availability as the modem can do lower modcods with a higher symbol rate to achieve the committed information rate (CIR), especially when CIR values are high in terms of Mbps.

“The complexity of the demands made by our maritime, energy and enterprise customers mean that Marlink is constantly looking for ways to simplify service deployments while gaining maximum performance and flexibility,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President, Maritime at Marlink.

“In addition, growing threats to remote assets mean that improvements to network monitoring and security are an important enhancement to the digital solutions we deploy.”

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