UAB-Online adds new tanker safety guidelines for digital platform

Liquid bulk shipping platform UAB-Online has added new functionality to support the industry’s latest tanker safety guidelines for chemical tankers.

Safety issues identified in the International Chamber of Shipping’s Tanker Safety Guide 5th edition that are now covered by the UAB-Online platform include guidelines on enclosed space entry, risk assessments, and PPE.

Improved ship/shore safety checklists, to help ship and terminal crew complete important safety checks efficiently, have also been added to the system.

“We are committed to helping chemical tankers, terminal operators, and anyone involved in the carriage of chemicals on ships, in their efforts to streamline operations while following all safety guidelines,” said Hans Bobeldijk, CEO of UAB-Online.

This new additions to the platform aim to improve overall compliance by enabling digital working processes, for the agent, ship, and shore side, and offer chemical facilities support in remaining compliant with the new safety guidelines and with ISGOTT6 (International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals, Sixth Edition).

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