Energy LEAP publishes data standards for vessel emissions reporting

Energy LEAP, a not-for-profit membership group consisting of oil majors and other industry stakeholders focused on collaborative initiatives to optimise shipping operations, has published a draft proposal for a Vessel Emissions Reporting Standard (VERS 0.9), a document defining specific vessel data points to be used to satisfy emissions reporting requirements.

The new open standard is the culmination of eight months of consultation and collaboration with ship owners, charterers, energy majors, association bodies and software vendors, outlining the data points that should be collected on a daily basis to meet emissions reporting needs.

VERS 0.9 can also be used by vessel reporting software providers to understand the data points that need to be incorporated into their own systems to make sure that emissions requirements are covered, or as a checklist for owners to ensure the right data is being captured by crews across their fleet.

The VERS list is designed for both daily data collection, aligning with traditional noon report approaches, and for the possible collection of data at key or significant points during a voyage. Other information covered by the standard includes the specific charter party clauses that are agreed upon when planning a voyage, fuel consumption, cargo carried, and CII correction factors.

VERS has also incorporated elements of the Standardised Vessel Dataset (SVD) for Noon Reports created by the Smart Maritime Council within its reporting standard, aligning on data field names and definitions where appropriate to broaden the common applicability of both vessel data standardisation initiatives.

VERS 0.9 has now been published for a period of industry consultation and will be finalised as version 1.0 once consultation is completed in September 2023.

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