Kambara Kisen extends CyberLogitec deal

Japanese shipping company Kambara Kisen has agreed a contract with CyberLogitec of Korea for four different technology systems to optimise vessel operations.

The deal includes ALLEGRO, an integrated shipping operations application, OPUS Stowage Prime, for automated stowage planning, CARA, which offers schedule sharing among shipping lines, and SmartLink for data integration.

Kambara Kisen has been using CyberLogitec’s OPUS Container, OPUS Stowage, and SmartLink systems since 2013, with the new contract renewing and expanding the previous deal. Implementation of ALLEGRO is expected be completed by March 2024, with all of the CyberLogitec systems to be integrated to share data with one another.

“It’s been almost ten years since Kambara Kisen began cooperating with CyberLogitec. Because of CyberLogitec’s excellent product and the dedication of its employees, we could solely concentrate on our work,” said Toshiki Iwai, Director of the Container Liner department at Kambara Kisen.

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