Shell lube analysis system added to Kongsberg Digital marketplace

Shell Marine’s LubeMonitor system is the latest addition to Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight marketplace for maritime applications.

Currently used by Shell Marine Lubricants customers, LubeMonitor, which combines the data from onboard oil testing, engine operating conditions, engine inspection photos and measurements, will become available to other shipowners and operators through the data infrastructure

Data analysis by the system is used to deliver insights based on OEM recommended guidance at a total fleet, vessel or cylinder level, supporting better management of reliability of shipboard machinery.

Last year, Kongsberg Digital and Shell Marine penned a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signifying their plans to work together on new projects.

“This strategic collaboration expands the range of applications available to industry professionals on our marketplace and consolidates our collaboration with Shell,” said Anders Bryhni, Vice President Maritime Products in Kongsberg Digital.

“We are proud to work together with Shell, sharing a passion for digital innovation and commitment to decarbonisation. Offering Kongsberg Digital clients Shell’s LubeMonitor app is a testament to our close collaboration.”

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