CLISCO to implement remote monitoring on LNG carrier

China LNG Shipping (CLSICO) has signed a new Technical Management Agreement with Wärtsilä, which will include remote monitoring and maintenance support for the Dapeng Princess.

The 15-year agreement will aim to deliver high levels of operational reliability and provide maintenance planning flexibility for the shallow draft LNG carrier, which operates with three Wärtsilä 34DF dual-fuel engines.

The arrangement will see Wärtsilä maintain constant data monitoring of the engines and gas valve units to power its Dynamic Maintenance Planning system, to maximise the time between overhauls and provide scheduling flexibility. Also included is Expert Insight, Wärtsilä’s predictive maintenance technology, to prevent potential problems before they occur.

“The Dapeng Princess is a new ship and a very important addition to our fleet,” said Andrew Johnston, General Manager, CLSICO.

“We wish to ensure that its performance and operational reliability are always at the maximum level, which is why we have decided to take advantage of the support that Wärtsilä can offer.”

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