Klaveness Combination Carriers begins Starlink pilot

Shipping company Klaveness Combination Carriers (KCC) reports that it has begun a pilot of the Starlink connectivity service from Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, in cooperation with its satcom service provider Marlink.

KCC installed Starlink on the CLEANBU vessel MV Baru in September 2023, with the CABU vessel MV Ballard also currently in the process of installing the system.

The pilot project will focus on exploring potential improvements in digital collaboration and data exchange between shore and ship using the technology, as part of a wider KCC strategy to enhance crew safety and welfare, while also achieving carbon emission reductions.

“Starlink holds the potential for our vessels to make a quantum leap beyond traditional satellite internet services,” said KCC CEO Engebret Dahm.

“This will allow us to bring the vessel closer to home contributing to enhancing crew safety and welfare as well as further improving the efficiency of our operations and cutting the carbon footprint of our business.”

One system to be connected using Starlink will be the company’s Klaveness Always Safe and Secure (KLASS) safety training programme, which incorporates gamification techniques into its educational and training resources for crews.

The satcom connection will also be used to deliver data for real-time monitoring of vessel performance to explore areas for potential improvement and optimisation, and will support KCC’s ongoing remote inspection initiative, which first began in 2021.

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