Smart container competition for governments launched

Container IoT company Loginno has launched a new competition for governments, promising to provide the winners with ECA (Export Credit Agency) backing for projects involving up to one million ‘smart’ containers in support of logistics optimisation.

This is the company’s third ‘The Contopia Factor’ competition, with the first two competitions aimed at shipping companies. Those competitions gave the winners access to Loginno’s technology and offered the chance to convert an entire container fleet to smart containers.

The third competition is focused at the governmental level, with the project initiated after Loginno was approached with the suggestion by the head of a trade union in a mid-sized country in Asia.

“So far, there have been some amazing Contopia initiatives, all by shipping companies, big and small. Whether it was driven by strategic needs, operational needs, or a business opportunity – all initiatives were done by the usual cadre of the Alphaliner top 100,” said Amit Aflalo, Loginno Co-Founder.

“In a situation where only one link in the logistics chain is the sole bearer of the burden of setting up this new smart container digital economy, we feel that it is time to look at things top-down and plan smart container infrastructure the same way as you would plan any new infrastructure: with B.O.T. (Build Operate Transfer) projects, industry-wide initiatives, and strong governmental support.”

A panel of judges will select the competition winning countries from applicants that demonstrate a capable local logistics ecosystem, along with government-supported use cases or projects that can benefit from smart containers. Applications are open until the end of 2023.

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