Bergan Marine Systems to integrate ioCurrents predictive analytics

Predictive analytics firm ioCurrents has announced a new partnership with maritime equipment supplier Bergan Marine Systems to support the analysis of live data from onboard sensors to optimise vessel performance.

Bergan Marine Systems primarily provides equipment to barges, workboats and US government vessels, creating custom marine systems for various use cases.

ioCurrents will consolidate all vessel data on the company’s own Bergan Connect platform, using AI and machine learning programs to analyse that data in real time and provide dashboard insights for barge and tug operators to help them optimise their onboard equipment functionality.

The data analytics can also be used to help crews plan maintenance schedules in advance to ensure operational reliability and safety.

“We’re calling this collaboration ‘Bergan Connect powered by ioCurrents’ and we’re looking forward to it going live very soon as we know what a positive impact it will have on vessel performance and safety management,” said Bergan Marine’s President and CEO Kyle Durden.

“I am really excited about the additional input that the team at ioCurrents will be able to provide our clients. Using their expertise to consolidate and analyse the live data from our onboard sensors will provide our clients with actionable insights that will allow them to make efficiency gains and create a more sustainable business model.”

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