SnakeWays named as Iridium partner

Germany-based satcom management systems company SnakeWays has been confirmed as a new Iridium Value Added Partner, officially recognising the use of SnakeWays’ products and services with the Iridium network through a variety of midband and broadband terminals.

“We are very happy to welcome SnakeWays as an Iridium partner,” said Wouter Deknopper, Vice President and General Manager of Maritime, Iridium.

“They have a range of innovative solutions which can add real value to Iridium customers, and while they are a relatively new company, the key personnel at SnakeWays have been working closely with Iridium for more than two decades.”

For those using Iridium as their primary satcom connection, the company offers services like SnakeMail and SnakeWall, a firewall that manages access to remote services and ensures cost efficient use of the Iridium network.

For hybrid installations, SnakeSwitch offers an intelligent routing service that will select the correct communication path depending on availability, least cost and quota. A SnakeDoor remote access application is also available to connect to vessels at sea, and can be used over the Iridium network as either the primary connection or as a backup.

Other available products over Iridium include the SnakeTrack vessel tracking service and SnakeCrew crew internet café.

“Iridium offers a unique service in terms of access, security and reliability. From the beginning, we at SnakeWays set out to develop value added services that would leverage the power and reach of the Iridium satellite network,” said Peter Schulze, CEO at SnakeWays.

“We know from our end customers and our distribution partners that the SnakeBox and the SnakeWays services fill a market need with a unique solution.”

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