Daphne Technology updates emissions reporting system

Daphne Technology report that it has added a range of improvements to its PureMetrics system, used to measure and report real-time GHG emissions.

The technology aims to eliminate the need for fuel consumption estimates when complying with reporting regulations such as the European Union Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (EU MRV) and International Maritime Organization Data Collection System (IMO DCS).

One of the new additions to the system is PureMetrics-Compare, which allows users to combine noon reporting fuel consumption with direct measurement against current factoring methods. Users can choose the period selection on a timeline, view the location of assets and assess where most emissions are recorded, either at port or sea, in a timeline or a heatmap.

PureMetrics-Optimize, another update to the software, provides insights on the operational processes involving vessel machinery that contribute most to GHG emissions, to assist shipping companies in choosing the best abatement and operational profiles to minimise their environmental impact.

Daphne Technology recently secured joint third place in the Standardised Data Innovation Challenge (SDIC), organised by Smart Maritime Network and ClassNK, for its PureMetrics technology.

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