Neu Seeschiffahrt to deploy propulsion optimisation tech across fleet

German shipping company Neu Seeschiffahrt has signed an agreement with Yara Marine technologies (YMT) to install the FuelOpt propulsion optimisation system across its fleet of six Very Large Ore Carriers (VLOC), as well as two recently acquired Newcastlemax vessels.

The FuelOpt system can be retrofitted onto existing vessels or installed on newbuilds and is compatible with any type of propeller or engine, as well as all existing and future fuels.

The technology automatically adapts the vessel’s propulsive power to real-time environmental conditions, to optimise fuel consumption and associated emissions by eliminating variations in speed and power without necessitating additional personnel onboard.

“Reducing fuel consumption without sacrificing efficiency is the simplest route to futureproofing cost-effective and sustainable operations,” said William Wallace, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at Neu Seeschiffahrt.

“This agreement with Yara Marine Technologies is part of the new management’s vision to develop a fuel efficient and competitive fleet as we continue to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation services to our customers in the steel and mining industries worldwide. We look forward to working together and collaborating on further solutions in the coming years.”

Vessels retrofitted with the system have all performance and navigational data logged automatically in the vessel’s performance management and reporting software, which can also be synchronised with third-party applications to enable users to meet reporting requirements for the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).

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