Sedna to integrate with Spot Ship for data exchange

UK-based software company Sedna has announced a new partnership with Spot Ship, which will see the firms integrate their technologies to support better parsing, extracting and enriching of data from within the emails received by shipping professionals.

Sedna’s technology is used to recognise, consolidate and contextualise relevant data held within emails, such as information data about the market, voyages and cargo, presenting the critical data in a centralised dashboard.

Spot Ship offers a machine learning system used by brokers to more efficiently manage and interpret their data. Integration with Sedna will allow data to more easily flow between the respective applications and reduce complexity for users of both services.

“Collaboration and embracing innovative tech is more important than ever in the maritime industry,” said Bill Dobie, Founder and CEO, Sedna.

“It takes multiple hands to make massive amounts of data useful for professionals who are trying to make informed decisions in trade. I’m excited to announce our partnership with the Spot Ship team, who share our vision to bring more accurate and easy-to-understand data to customers so they can improve business outcomes.”

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