China Navigation Company begins Dualog Drive roll-out

The China Navigation Company (CNCo) has completed a testing programme on the Dualog Drive maritime-optimised file and folder replication service, and begun implementing the technology across its fleet to manage the collection and distribution of large data volumes between ship and shore.

CNCo, which includes Swire Shipping within its corporate structure, owns and manages a deep-sea fleet of multi-purpose, container and bulk vessels, operating on a global basis. In 2011 the company rolled out Dualog’s e-mail system across the fleet, and is expanding that existing relationship with this latest deal.

Dualog Drive is used to manage company-wide data collection and distribution in varying bandwidth environments, optimised for operation with a mix of different communications options with different speeds, that can halt or fail depending on issues like weather conditions or structural blockages.

“Safety documentation was our starting point, and we now use Dualog Drive to distribute and maintain a repository of SMS documents pertaining to all ships in our fleet,” said Gerry Bonner, General Manager Fleet Services, at CNCo.

“As we investigated the options, other potential uses became apparent. We have used the system for IT software distribution, collection of Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) data for urgent investigations, and to share updates of vessel drawings after revisions. We also want to use Drive to ensure that major equipment safety updates and technical circulars, as well as certificates, are updated across our fleet accordingly.”

“We have also used the system to distribute company circulars and safety notices, and we are considering several other situations where we can provide additional benefit to our ships’ staff by using the Dualog Drive application.”

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