GSBN blockchain to be used for verification of ‘green’ claims

Maritime blockchain platform Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with DNV to accelerate the adoption of alternative fuels by enabling the sharing of verified data for green claims.

Accurate measurement and tracking of emissions reduction data across the supply chain will be central to IMO efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the shipping industry, and will be necessary in ensuring that companies’ claims on environmental performance are reliable, comparable and verifiable.

DNV has recently launched Emissions Connect, an emissions data verification engine, to support the verification of operational data. Under the MoU, DNV and GSBN will collaborate to conduct pilots with existing GSBN shipping line members to connect verified shipment data from the DNV platform.

“To achieve shipping decarbonisation at scale, it needs to have a robust data foundation of verified data to enable trusted data sharing across the fragmented and complex supply chain,” said Bertrand Chen, CEO at GSBN.

“GSBN’s network of shipping members and its blockchain infrastructure are ideally positioned for this use case. By partnering with DNV, users of the platform can share verified data for vessel operations granularly with end customers to support decision making and prove claims of sustainable shipping.”

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