Klaveness Combination Carriers to add air lubrication tech to four additional vessels

Klaveness Combination Carriers (KCC) has agreed a deal to retrofit four additional vessels with air lubrication systems from Silverstream Technologies, used to improve fuel consumption and subsequent CO2 emissions by reducing friction between the ship’s hull and the water.

The technology will be first installed on CLEANBUs Barracuda and Barramundi, with CABUs Balboa and Baffin due to follow. They join the already outfitted MV Ballard and upcoming MV Baru, bringing the total number of KCC vessels to be fitted with the system to six.

Silverstream’s technology utilises a series of air release units (ARUs) located along the flat bottom of the vessel. Oil-free compressors generate pressurised air that is sent through the ARUs, creating a layer of microbubbles that lubricate the hull, thereby reducing friction.

“Improving the energy efficiency of our fleet through proven and reliable technologies is crucial to our commitment of delivering cost-effective decarbonisation for our customers,” said KCC CEO Engebret Dahm.

“Early performance data from the first installation of the Silverstream solution on MV Ballard in September confirms a fuel consumption reduction in line with our expectations. We look forward to expanding its rollout.”

It is expected that the system will reduce emissions by an average of 5-7% on KCC’s vessels. In combination with the other energy efficiency measures underway in the fleet, this figure could reach approximately 15% when compared against the ships’ performance as newbuilds.

In addition to the four vessels being retrofit, KCC has also agreed options for installation on all of its vessels built between 2016 and 2021 as part of the deal.

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