Veson adds emissions expenses tool to software platform

Maritime software company Veson Nautical has released its Emission Expense Settlement Workflow, an EU ETS contract management system for individual voyages into the European Union integrated within its broader IMOS platform.

The software will support users in assessing the commercial viability of each contract based on their carbon exposure and costs, while also helping them to settle their emission expenses depending on the clauses in their contracts.

Developed in consultation with charterers, commodity traders, owners and operators over the last two years, the new system builds on Veson’s real time carbon calculator for emissions applicable to the EU ETS, and links with its Trading and Risk module, where clients can assess the potential cost for an individual voyage, including the equivalent carbon price for the allowances in the market.

“Veson’s goal was to deliver a baseline solution to support our clients across all sectors that are impacted by this new regulation. We are confident that we have completed that task,” said Josh Luby, Group Product Manager at Veson.

“That being said, we know that there is still more to be done and we know that the industry continues to evolve how they will handle some of the more nuanced elements of the regulation. We will continue to work with our clients, and the industry, and are committed to deliver additional functionalities to help support them throughout 2024 and beyond.”

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