AquaShip rolls out Maindeck software for dry-docking

Maritime aqua service company AquaShip has signed up to use the Maindeck software system for the management of dry-docking and technical projects across 10 of its vessels.

AquaShip both owns and operates vessels spanning four industry segments: service vessels, harvest vessels, live fish carriers, and feed carriers. This new collaboration agreement aims to improve the company’s technical project management by streamlining dry-docking processes, to save time and reduce costs.

“Maindeck is a complete game changer for our industry. Its user-friendly interface has been critical to ensure that both our office personnel and our on-site teams have embraced it and are using it regularly,” said Marius Hansen, Fleet Manager at AquaShip.

“The ability to automate complex tasks has significantly streamlined our operations, allowing us to free up time to focus on the more critical aspects of our technical operations. What stands out most about Maindeck is its flexibility and ease of use across different levels of our organisation.”

“This partnership is not just about enhancing our dry-docking projects; it’s about elevating our entire workflow and setting new standards in the maritime aqua service industry.”

Maindeck is a wholly owned subsidiary of UniSea, a maritime software company based in Norway.

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