DFDS taps Nowhere Networks for bandwidth management

Ferry company DFDS has entered into a strategic agreement with Nowhere Networks to deploy the NowhereConnect Suite on its fleet of six ships operating in the English Channel.

The new system will be used to improve passengers’ access to connectivity and optimise bandwidth consumed by providing granular control over data traffic.

“This strategic move aligns with our commitment to provide our passengers with an exceptional experience, to optimise our operational efficiency and to explore new avenues for customer service,” said Andrew Watkins, Onboard Commercial Operations Manager, Business Unit Channel, DFDS.

“We are thrilled to partner with Nowhere Networks to bring the NowhereConnect Suite to our ships.”

NowhereConnect Suite integrates Wi-Fi management with a traffic management engine, with user access controlled through a central portal used for login processes that also serves as an information hub, offering real-time updates about the ship.

“NowhereConnect Suite is designed to meet the special challenges of the sea, ensuring that passengers have a seamless and enjoyable experience and enabling DFDS to secure unique customer experience through advanced connectivity solutions. We are proud to continue to be a trusted partner to DFDS in revolutionising maritime connectivity,” said Asbjörn Frydenlund, CEO of Nowhere Networks.

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