MAN integrates new technologies for real-time engine analytics

MAN Energy Solutions has agreed a deal to integrate time series database technology from InfluxDB across its connected equipment operations to drive new capabilities for real-time analytics.

The engine manufacturer will use the InfluxDB Cloud as the core of its MAN CEON cloud platform, with the aim of helping customers to optimise engine performance through the utilisation of real-time data.

“MAN Energy Solutions is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions aimed at integrating large-scale connected maritime equipment into a more sustainable future driven by data,” said Gregory Puckett, Chief Digital Officer at MAN Energy Solutions.

“The success of our operations hinges on our capability to analyse extensive volumes of time series data with exceptional precision in real-time. With InfluxDB, we can leverage the potential of time series data on a massive scale, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and accuracy in our efforts to decarbonise systems.”

The MAN CEON platform evaluates data from connected machinery to better manage the reliability of the equipment, assisting the company’s domain experts in resolving issues before they arise. The new system will be capable of analysing billions of time series data points across connected assets for a real-time view of past, current, and future operational performance.

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