Great Eastern Shipping to work with Harbor Lab on port call optimisation

Indian shipping firm Great Eastern Shipping is to work with Athens-based Harbor Lab to introduce new technologies for optimisation of its port cost management processes.

Great Eastern Shipping is focused on the transportation of crude oil, petroleum products, gas, and dry bulk commodities, and will introduce the full range of Harbor Lab’s tools for its commercial and husbandry port calls.

The implementation project will include an end-to-end integration with both the company’s existing Veson voyage management software and its SAP accounting system to create an end-to-end port call management process, covering tasks from fixing until the end of the voyage and settlement of all invoices and claims. 

“At Great Eastern, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our operational efficiency and deliver enhanced value to our customers,” said Ankush Gupta, COO, Great Eastern Shipping.

“Partnering with Harbor Lab and implementing their Disbursement Accounts module is a pivotal step in this direction. We are looking forward to leveraging the Harbor Lab platform to manage all agency activities, from appointment scheduling to document management and approval processes, for instance. We expect that this will help us simplify communication and improve coordination.”

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