SSI to standardise vessel design data to OCX format

Shipbuilding software provider SSI has joined the OCX Consortium to facilitate the digital exchange of vessel design data for class approval.

The OCX Consortium was founded to develop a common standard for data exchange that can be used by vessel designers and shipyards to provide classification societies with 3D design data independent of the software on which it was created.

Using a standardised OCX format allows stakeholders to more easily share all data and documentation concerning the asset design required for its verification and approval prior to the start of construction.

“Using the OCX standard means designers using our ShipConstructor program don’t have to figure out how to provide files and accompanying data to different class societies in different formats,” said Craig Tulk, Product Business Analyst, SSI.

“The advantages accrue equally to vessel designers and classification societies alike and we believe SSI users will immediately see the advantages in their workflows.”

SSI ShipConstructor already supports the creation of 3D vessel design models, which will now be available for export in the common file format. Class personnel can use the OCX model to complete their assessment of the design viability and its compliance with class rules.

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