HD Hyundai Heavy Industries to work with NAPA and CADMATIC to create ‘digital shipyard’

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries to work with NAPA and CADMATIC to create ‘digital shipyard’

Korean shipyard HD Hyundai Heavy Industries has announced a joint development project (JDP) with shipbuilding software firms NAPA and CADMATIC to develop a new ship design and information management platform, which will also embed a product lifecycle management (PLM) system.

The partners say that they intend to utilise 3D models and the latest digital technologies to create new systems to support the entire ship building process and assist HD Hyundai Heavy Industries in implementing a ‘digital shipyard’, where data and digital twins support the optimisation of the design process and provide information throughout the ship’s lifetime at sea. 

The planned platform will allow for improved collaboration between different shipyard departments and better information accessibility for the large variety of people involved in the ship design and building process.

“At HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, we are spearheading the creation of a digital shipyard, in line with our Future of Shipyard (FOS) vision, and see this as an important area of development in the ship design and building processes,” said Seung-Ho Jeon, CTO at HD Hyundai Heavy Industries.

“With this joint project, our ambition is to develop the next generation of intelligent design systems for digital shipbuilding. This will increase efficiency throughout the design and digital twin information delivery process, helping us deliver the innovative designs our customers demand.”

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