Smartship Australia adds augmented reality tech to pilot training

Queensland-based maritime simulation and training facility, Smartship Australia, has begun the implementation of a new augmented reality simulator system for pilot training, delivered by FORCE Technology of Denmark.

Smartship Australia’s pilot training facility in Brisbane features five marine simulators, including two full mission bridges, one Tug bridge, and two-part task simulators. FORCE Technology’s SimFlex simulator has already been in use at the centre since it was first established in 2011.

The centre upgrade with the augmented-reality (AR) technology is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024, creating the first maritime AR simulator on the Australian continent.

The platform will also receive FORCE Technology’s upcoming DEN-Mark2 mathematical model when it is released later this year, which will offer improved model accuracy and line forces calculations.

“Our work to help Smartship Australia deploy the latest technology within the maritime VR simulation space is cutting-edge,” said Jan Michelsen, Director for FORCE Technology’s Simulation, Ports, Training and Human Factors/Safety Management business.

“SimFlex AR technology offers one of the best immersive mixed reality experiences ever designed, featuring photorealistic visual fidelity and super advanced model accuracy that I am confident will unlock substantial gains for Smartship Australia customers going forward.”

“Smartship Australia has been a loyal and trusted partner of FORCE Technology for many years, and we look forward to defining a new era within the maritime simulation space with them.”

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