Stolt Tankers installs wireless onboard network for improved data access

Stolt Tankers has implemented a new wireless onboard connectivity system from ScanReach on board the chemical tanker Stolt Breland, to expand its data collection and analysis capabilities across the vessel.

“At Stolt Tankers, safety, sustainability, and technological advancement have always been paramount,” said Sean Crowley, Sr Electrical Project Manager at Stolt Tankers.

“Our partnership with ScanReach is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the maritime industry. By equipping the Stolt Breland with ScanReach’s state-of-the-art connectivity and safety solutions, we are enhancing the security and well-being of our crew.”

The system installed includes ConnectPOB to provide real-time personnel on-board (POB) safety monitoring, as well as coordination support during emergency incident response, and a series of gas detection sensors offering real-time data on gas levels, with alerts automatically generated in the event of any anomalies.

The connectivity network will also support machinery vibration monitoring for preventative maintenance, allowing Stolt to detect mechanical issues at the earliest opportunity and take action to prevent breakdowns or downtime.

“Stolt Tankers has demonstrated trust and ambition in embracing the latest technology for the seas. This collaboration reflects our shared vision of a safer, more efficient maritime industry,” said Sven-Eric Brooks, CEO, ScanReach.

“We are proud to work together to deliver the highest standards of connectivity and safety to the crew and the environment. The Stolt Breland will be a testament to what is achievable when industry leaders come together to drive innovation.”

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