V.Group rolls-out dry-docking software platform

V.Group has partnered with software company VesselMan to introduce its process and project management platform to assist in the planning and execution of dry-docking operations.

In the longer term, the VesselMan system is expected to be directly integrated with V.Group’s own ShipSure software platform to allow for seamless data exchange across the respective applications.

“In 2022, we critically evaluated our internal dry-docking procedures and identified a need to look more closely at how we operate our dry-docking, specifically prioritising efficient time management,” said Karol Prorok, Global Head of Technical at V.Group.

“Establishing a standardised ‘best practice’ process applicable across our fleet and client base was imperative. VesselMan demonstrated a strong commitment and served as an invaluable partner in challenging our current methodologies as well as recognising potential opportunities.”

V.Group operates a network of 12 ship management offices, supported by its Group Dry Dock team based in Glasgow, with a workforce of 600 managing ship technical services, risk management, procurement, and financial services across sectors including tanker, bulker, container, offshore, and leisure.

“Our aim is to significantly reduce preparation time and operational costs. We recognise the importance of data extraction and analysis to facilitate smarter working practices,” added Nikos Patestos, Project Manager, Docking Function, V.Group.

“The transformation of the dry-docking customer journey from a manual to a digital environment is imperative. In this pursuit, our collaboration with VesselMan is strategic and aligned with our objectives.”

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