Pacific International Lines completes SGTraDex integration

Pacific International Lines (PIL) has been confirmed as the first shipping line to complete a full integration with the Singapore Trade Data Exchange (SGTraDex) platform, used to facilitate direct data exchange between maritime stakeholders.

As part of the project PIL executed an overseas bunkering transaction via the platform with marine energy provider KPI OceanConnect, to demonstrate the feasibility of using SGTraDex for transactions beyond Singapore.

PIL has since completed more than 40 transactions through SGTraDex across a diverse range of transactions, utilising digital data exchange to eliminate the need to export and email documents to suppliers.

Suppliers who are API integrated with the platform can in turn push or upload documents to PIL directly from their own ERP systems, significantly reducing the time required to complete transactions.

“What we have achieved at PIL with our partners demonstrates that collective efforts and commitment are indeed useful and effective in improving efficiency through digitalisation in the maritime industry,” said Goh Chung Hun, Head, Fleet Division, PIL.

“We are sharing our positive experience on this successful integration with SGTraDex on bunkering operations to encourage further support for this initiative by members of the maritime industry.”

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