ChartWorld adds Tokyo Keiki ECDIS support to data service

ChartWorld reports that it has made its Information Overlay (CIO+) data service available to users of ECDIS models from Japanese company Tokyo Keiki.

With this latest extension, Tokyo Keiki EC9000 and EC8100/8600 ECDIS users can now have CIO+ features automatically integrated into their onboard systems to support improved navigational safety and assist in compliance with maritime regulations.

The data is accessible in the Tokyo Keiki ECDIS User Chart format and can be overlaid in the ECDIS and made available through the ‘Pick Report’ section.

Source data for CIO+ includes the T&P NtM (Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners,) published by UKHO, supplemented with the local T&P from China, India, Columbia, and Denmark.

Navigational warnings from each NAVAREA co-ordinator and warnings from approximately 150 coastal and local authorities are also included.

“This integration represents our commitment to providing the global maritime industry with advanced solutions that improve navigation efficiency, ensure compliance with regulations, and contribute to overall safety at sea. ChartWorld is dedicated to innovation and excellence in the delivery of state-of-the-art maritime IT solutions,” said ChartWorld CEO, Steven Schootbrugge.

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