Ta-Ho Maritime Corp installs Fleet Intelligence system on bulk carriers

Taiwanese bulk shipping company Ta-Ho Maritime Corporation has completed the installation of NAPA’s performance monitoring, voyage optimisation and navigational risk monitoring systems on eight vessels, to assist in minimising fuel consumption and emissions.

The deal includes NAPA’s Fleet Intelligence software, providing fleet-wide data on vessels’ locations, past voyages, performance, speed, voyage duration and fuel consumption.

An initial pilot using the voyage optimisation functionality over the course of two months has already demonstrated a total fuel saving potential of 4.0%, the partners note. In addition, trials showed that a further 2.9% fuel saving was possible by improving the vessels’ operational profile using recommendations from the platform.

Ta-Ho’s vessel management teams will also use the system’s data analytics to take more a proactive approach to fleet management, by optimising maintenance schedules and lifecycle management.

“This partnership with NAPA marks the next frontier on our digitalisation and decarbonisation journey,” said Alan Shieh, President at Ta-Ho.

“By building a fleet-wide operations database, we can reap the rewards of data-driven optimisation and stay ahead of the curve in terms of compliance with environmental regulations.”

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