EMSA agrees €8.4m Spire deal for satellite AIS data

Satellite AIS data provider Spire reports that it has been awarded two new framework contracts to provide services to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) with a maximum overall budget of €8.4 million.

Concurrent with the overall framework award, two specific awards that total multi-million euros under the framework contracts were received, Spire says.

Under the contracts, Spire will provide space-based automatic identification system (SAT-AIS) data services for ship tracking over a four-year period, including real-time, standard and high-density backup SAT-AIS. Spire has provided satellite AIS data to EMSA since 2020.

The data will be integrated into EMSA’s wider SAT-AIS services, which monitor global vessel traffic by gathering data from beyond the reach of terrestrial AIS network coverage.

“Ensuring accurate vessel monitoring is vital for maritime safety, security, and global environmental protection,” said John Lusk, General Manager of Maritime, Spire.

“At Spire, we believe our commitment to high reliability and superior data quality sets us apart in the industry, and we are thrilled that our dedicated efforts will not only support EMSA’s vision but also play a significant role in advancing maritime safety within the EU and beyond.”

Spire recently announced that it has agreed a new strategic investment deal with maritime technology company Signal Ocean, which has taken a $10 million stake in the business.

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