North Star adopts VesselMan system

UK-based offshore infrastructure support vessel services company North Star has signed a strategic partnership with software firm VesselMan, to use its process and project management platform.

With operations in Aberdeen, Lowestoft, Newcastle and Hamburg, North Star has a fleet of 45 ships, which includes the addition of its first three of seven hybrid-powered service operation vessels.

VesselMan’s web application and mobile app will be used to help North Star improve transparency within projects, optimise workflows, and ensure the use of standardised procedures throughout its organisation.

“Joining forces with VesselMan aligns with our vision of adopting transparent and standardized procedures throughout our organisation,” said James Bradford, Chief Technology Officer at North Star.

“Applying quality project management systems in support of our fleet will not only bring about day-to-day operational performance gains but also underpin our decarbonisation strategy and 2040 net zero ambition.”

“We anticipate positive outcomes as we implement VesselMan’s platform to improve and strengthen the way we plan and execute dry dockings and other mission critical technical projects.”

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