Ardmore Shipping to deploy AI for fleet optimisation

Chemical and product tanker company Ardmore Shipping has partnered with DeepSea Technologies to implement Pythia, DeepSea’s voyage optimisation tool, across the Ardmore fleet.

The partners have already completed a year-long full-scale trial of the technology on Ardmore vessels, during which time DeepSea and Ardmore worked together to refine a series of algorithms powered by AI-generated vessel behaviour models leveraging Ardmore’s historical data to allow an AI approach to be deployed within the context of tramp trade.

The technology is being deployed as part of Ardmore’s Energy Transition Plan (ETP), which aims to increase operational efficiency through the trial and implementation of a range of available maritime technologies, combining the most promising systems to achieve optimal performance of its fleet.

To date, the shipping company has invested in fuel-efficient engines, new hull designs, and a range of other technologies that optimise fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

“Through this collaboration with DeepSea, we’re further upgrading and future-proofing our fleet for operation in today’s dynamic tanker market, aligning with our commitment to innovation and sustainability,” said Ha Eun Ruppelt, Ardmore Shipping’s Commercial Project Manager.

“This evolution aims to further optimise fleet performance, resulting in smarter decision-making. We look forward to developing this partnership further and exploring how to extract the most value in terms of emissions and fuel savings through the use of DeepSea’s technologies.”

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