CargoMetrics adds maritime emissions monitoring data services

Trade monitoring and analysis firm CargoMetrics has announced the launch of two new products to measure maritime emissions and provide data to regulators, shippers and other stakeholders.

The Maritime Emissions – Global Benchmark products provide carbon emissions and fuel consumption metrics by vessel class (tankers, dry bulk, and containers) and vessel size, as well as including analytics for CO2 emissions per nautical mile, tonne-mile, and container unit (TEU).

The company’s EU ETS Carbon Tracker offering reports maritime carbon emissions, in tons per day, subject to the European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS).

The two systems have been generated systematically using data and history reaching back to January 2013, with deployment of physical modelling, statistical modelling, and machine learning techniques.

“Our Maritime Emissions – Global Benchmark and EU ETS Carbon Tracker products reflect our scientific approach and provide customers the clarity needed to make data-driven assessments related to maritime emissions and carbon trading in their voluntary, compliance, and speculative applications,” said CargoMetrics CEO, Jes Scully.

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