Cathelco adds ultrasonic protection tech for hulls

Cathelco has announced the launch of a new ultrasonic protection technology to protect against hull biofouling, which operates by attaching transducers to the inside of the hull and emitting ultrasonic waves to disrupt biological attachment to a hull surface.

The DragGone system vibrates the hull surface to stop microorganisms and algae from attaching to the vessel and increasing drag as it moves through the water. It can also mitigate the risk of the translocation of invasive aquatic species.

The product combines guided wave and heterodyning technology. Guided wave systems allow waves to travel over longer distances to reduce cable runs, while heterodyning generates additional frequencies to increase range and protects against a wider range of fouling species.

“The more biofouling on the hull, the greater the drag, which reduces fuel efficiency. DragGone keeps the hull clean from biofouling which can help to reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing emissions and also costs,” said Chris Hewitt, Product and Technical Manager, Cathelco.

“The IMO recognises that biofouling management is an important part of the roadmap to a decarbonised future for shipping. In addition, these macro-organisms can play havoc in marine habitats if they detach from the hull and reproduce in areas where they are non-native.”

“While much effort has gone into ballast water treatment over the past decade, hull and niche area biofouling is also a key contributor.”

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