MMT adds trim optimisation to fuel system

Manta Marine Technologies (MMT) reports that it has added a trim optimisation advisory system to its FuelOpt offering, to boost potential fuel and emissions savings from the technology.

The new TrimSense system is available as an add-on for existing FuelOpt users, without requiring any commercial downtime during installation, and can be utilised alongside AI technologies to calculate operational voyage parameters.

TrimSense collects real-time data from high-frequency inclination sensors, using a processing algorithm to display constant trim measurements, indicating the difference between the forward and aft draught of a vessel.

By optimising trim and accounting for draught and vessel speed, propulsion power requirements can be reduced and fuel saved, the company says.

The system is set up with defined optimal trim values that can be determined by towing tank tests, historical data, or computational fluid dynamics. Where existing values are not available, MMT will assist in providing optimal trim values.

The FuelOpt bridge display panel offers visual feedback on trim performance, while the data can also be shared with other systems such as MMT’s Fleet Analytics performance management and reporting tool.

“Our ongoing development ensures crews will continue to have the latest technology to maximise the performance of their vessels, while also ensuring safety,” said Richard Engelhart Bjercke, MMT Chief Commercial Officer.

“As the prices of traditional and low carbon fuels increase, investments in operational efficiency will continue to bring returns, regardless of which fuel is in the ship’s tanks.”

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