Unimed expands platform with vessel telemedicine functionality

Universal Marine Medical Supply International (Unimed) has introduced a range of new telemedicine capabilities for the company’s maritime medical platform.

Unimed’s telemedicine system offers global access to maritime doctors and nurses stationed at the company’s medical health centre in Athens, Greece, providing urgent care and mental health services to vessels and crew members across international waters.

The telemedicine offering is integrated into Unimed’s medScale+ digital platform, currently utilised by some 5,500 vessels through a mobile app or web browser to track onboard pharmaceutical products, vaccines, and medical supplies.

“For nearly 50 years, Unimed has been dedicated to safeguarding health at sea. Our telemedicine solution offers both customers and their crew members assurance of convenient access to medical care from anywhere in the world,” said Søren Andersen, CEO of Unimed.

“As a longtime leader in the industry, we possess a profound understanding of the maritime industry and our customers’ medical compliance and risk management needs.”

“Introducing telemedicine continues our long track record of digital innovation to improve well-being at sea, and we look forward to rolling out this innovative, cost-effective solution globally to continue being the go-to medical partner for our growing client base.”

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