Groke Technologies extends vessel situational awareness capabilities

Finnish firm Groke Technologies has introduced a new system designed to give shore-based ship managers an overview of the surrounding area of all the vessels in their fleet.

The Groke Fleet software captures positional data from onboard cameras, sensors and navigational systems to provide a continuous image of each vessels’ operational status. Using machine vision and cloud technology, the system also offers historical route information backed by high resolution imagery.

The new application can be linked with the company’s existing Groke Pro Situational Awareness System and onboard sensor network.

“We truly believe that Groke Pro and Groke Fleet allow shipmanagers to significantly raise maritime safety to a higher level, reducing the number of navigational incidents globally,” said Juha Rokka, CEO, Groke Technologies.

“We see a future where situational awareness data will play a central role in ship and fleet management, but our technology also provides irrefutable evidence for accident investigators and insurers. It delivers greater transparency.”

If there’s an incident or a near miss, the system automatically captures an image of the situation and creates a report, allowing fleet managers to play back the route leading up to the event to see what happened.

Images from day and thermal imaging cameras are blended to provide a clear view of vessel surroundings during night-time operations or other low-visibility situations such as fog, heavy rain or highly reflective situations.

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