Trafigura deploys real time vessel emissions monitoring system

Global commodities firm Trafigura has agreed a deal to deploy the PureMetrics system from Daphne Technology aboard an LNG carrier managed by Latsco LNG, to be used to directly measure and report real-time GHG emissions.

“The deployment of PureMetrics on our first vessel is a crucial step towards establishing a baseline measurement for GHG emissions in our maritime operations,” said Trafigura’s Head of the Energy Transition Group and Venture Capital Investments, Margaux Moore.

“This baseline will provide a foundational understanding of actual emissions levels, enabling effective monitoring and targeted reduction efforts.”

With a combination of sensors, multi-source data integration and algorithms, the system can be used to manage compliance with EU Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (EU MRV) and International Maritime Organization Data Collection System (IMO DCS) regulations without the need to rely on fuel consumption estimates.

PureMetrics will be integrated with the LNG vessel’s existing systems and processes to leverage the ship’s data and link with established workflows.

“We are excited to participate in such an innovative project, which will enable us to understand the level of emissions in a broader operating profile,” said Latsco LNG CEO, George Margaronis.

“Participation in this project shows our commitment to manage efficient ships while always monitoring the environmental impact. The data collected via the installation of the PureMetrics system should help us to operate the ship with a reduced emissions footprint in the future.”

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