Denmark invests $4.5m in ShippingLab innovation project

The ShippingLab non-profit innovation collaboration platform in Denmark has launched its new SLGREEN project to support more sustainable ship operations, backed by more than DKK 31 million (approx. $4.5 million) in investment from the Danish Innovation Fund.

Over the next three years, the SLGREEN project will consist of seven work packages, including five technical areas of research that will look to:

  • Develop tools for predicting ship performance and improving wave navigation.
  • Develop models to predict biofouling and better manage hull performance.
  • Create condition monitoring and wear prediction models for marine engines.
  • Develop an integrated system for digital piloting and remote navigation.
  • Develop a system to improve crew comfort and health on board.

In addition to the support from the Innovation Fund, SLGREEN is also backed by the Danish Maritime Fund, DS Norden and Lauritzen Fonden, with a total of 20 partners set to participate in the project.

“ShippingLab is founded on many years of good and fruitful collaboration across the Blue Denmark. I am very pleased that we now, with SLGREEN, can build on this success with new, groundbreaking initiatives,” said Morten Vejlgaard-Laursen, Chairman of ShippingLab.

“The many partners in the project are characterised by high ambitions, great commitment, and world-class skills. So, I know that SLGREEN will make a real difference for the maritime industry.”

The steering group behind ShippingLab includes MAN Energy Solutions, DFDS, TORM, A.P. Moller-Maersk, Hempel, DTU, FORCE Technology, Danish Maritime, Danish Shipping, the Danish Maritime Authority, and the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping. Their collective goal is to develop Danish maritime technologies, support Danish maritime entrepreneurship, and attract new talent to the nation’s shipping industry.

“Danish maritime companies and maritime technology are globally recognised for innovative, high-quality solutions. It’s imperative that we not only maintain but also build upon this position,” said Jenny Braat, CEO of Danish Maritime.

“We won’t merely follow the global shift towards greener shipping; we want to drive it. That’s the objective of SLGREEN. Moreover, the project will play a pivotal role in job creation and attracting new talent to our dynamic industry.”

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