ChartWorld launches ‘radar as a service’

ChartWorld has launched a new ‘Radar as a service’ model, making Raymarine’s Pathfinder Solid State IMO X-Band radar system available on a subscription basis rather than as an upfront purchase.

Pathfinder is a solid-state radar technology designed for CAT 2 and CAT 3 SOLAS vessels, using pulse compression and beam sharpening technology to improve long-range resolution.

“We know ChartWorld’s ‘navigation as a service’ model works in shipping – ECDIS-as-a-Service disrupted the market and delivered up-to-date navigational hardware, charts, and other essential data and navigation systems to ships,” said ChartWorld CEO, Steven Schootbrugge.

“Our clients have told us that this model will also work with radar systems and supporting software. For owners and managers, this will result in lower costs and better, newer, systems onboard.”

“This model will allow us to offer clients a life-time warranty for the Pathfinder Solid State Radar, remote maintenance, status monitoring, service direct to device, software upgrades, as well as including hardware upgrades, connectivity costs, archiving Radar-Logs onshore, and all spare parts.”

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