StormGeo and ClassNK in emissions data sharing partnership

Maritime software provider StormGeo has announced a new partnership with Japanese classification society ClassNK for the sharing and verification of emissions data, to meet the requirements of their shared clients.

Shipping companies that use StormGeo’s s-Insight platform will now be able to share their validated emissions data with ClassNK via API, for verification processes.

StormGeo’s Environmental Performance module within s-Insight is used to monitor the environmental impact of ship operations, delivering emissions data to improve environmental performance and keep fleets compliant with decarbonisation regulations and initiatives.

“This new agreement to share data for MRV, EU ETS, and broader decarbonisation initiatives is not only a significant stride towards advancing maritime decarbonisation but is also a testament to our shared commitment to operational excellence and high data quality,” said StormGeo Executive Vice President Sales, Espen Martinsen.

“We would also like to thank our partners, Wisdom Marine Group and the Turkish Shipowner Association, whose contributions have been pivotal in reaching this milestone.”

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