Torghatten and Kongsberg Maritime to create self-driving ferries

Ferry operator Torghatten and Kongsberg Maritime have entered into a contract for the development of a system to operate self-driving ferries on the Flakk-Rørvik route in Norway.

The strategic collaboration between the two companies will see Kongsberg Maritime technologies installed on the ferries, including its auto docking, auto crossing, collision avoidance and situational awareness capabilities.

The new systems will aim to reduce fuel consumption, improve safety and punctuality, and optimise staffing on the ferries, in accordance with maritime regulations.

“The ferry industry has several challenges where autonomous processes can be part of the solution,” said Torghatten’s Technology Director, Jan-Egil Wagnild.

“Self-driving ferries can help increase safety and punctuality, reduce energy consumption, and take over routine tasks from the crew, who can then spend their attention on the sea instead of on the dashboard and navigation controls.”

“We have several industrial environments in Norway that are at the forefront internationally in the field of maritime autonomy. Now there’s another platform where the key players can test new technologies in operational conditions and commercialise these solutions.”

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